Mark Leiren-Young for Saanich Council

Hi. I’m Mark Leiren-Young and I love Saanich.


Since you’re clicking on a campaign page for the upcoming Saanich municipal election, I know that you do too. So, please, tell me how you think we could make our home even better.  What are your priorities?


You can email me here, or fill out our nifty forms, or check out my calendar and find out where we can connect in person.


If you’d like to volunteer on my campaign, that would be fantastic.  Please click here.


If you’d like to donate, here’s the link to the donation page.  


Every donation is appreciated - which is why I’ve set up a $5 option because... Bernie.


If you’d like to know what I’m up to, click to sign up for my newsletter.


And when it’s time to elect eight councillors please save one vote for Mark Leiren-Young for Saanich Council and CRD.


Thanks for visiting and thanks for caring.


Mark Leiren-Young