Bernard Von Schulmann

  • When I first heard Art read this story out loud in the winder of 1989/90 it inspired to feel that change is possible

  • Housing

    Saanich needs a lot more housing that real people can afford. Saanich failed in the period of 2016 to 2021 to pull its weight

  • Join our team

    So this should be fun...

    I "volunteered" on my first political campaign when I was ten. My mom was running for city council in Vancouver and my brother and I handed out her brochures and stickers. She had very cool stickers...

    I've volunteered for about a dozen campaigns since then. And it's generally fun.

    We'll need people to host events, help with research, outreach, social media, traditional media and generally spreading the word to the people of Saanich - since this is a huge riding.

    If you'd like to join me when I knock on doors and meet people at events that'd be fantastic.

    There is always a lot to do on any campaign.

    And even liking, following and sharing stuff on social media is helpful. 



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