“Mark is running in Saanich. He’s always had a suspicious sparkle in his eyes. Mark loves animals, the orcas' best friend, his exhibit on orcas at the B.C. Museum is ready to travel the world. And come to think of it, Mark loves people, too. His books and plays and songs and documentaries are award winning and good and funny, too. Is he an artist or an environmentalist? Both. Send him a few dollars, quick, before he changes his mind.”

-Howie Siegel, Empresario 


Mark has written about and worked on environmental issues for decades and has a strong understanding of to protect our air, our water and our climate. He also has a wonderful gift of building relationships and dialogue with humour and authenticity.

- Tzeporah Berman, International Program Director Stand.Earth


"I have known Mark for many years as a journalist, author, dramatist and filmmaker.  His decision to run for Saanich Council and the CRD is a reflection of his dedication to community, the environment and democracy. Saanich will be well-served by his voice and participation on Council."

-Sid Tafler, Writer


"Not only will Mark bring energy and vision to Saanich Council and CRD, he’ll be a collaborative, constructive presence."

-Catherine Novak, Communications professional, paddler


"I’ve known Mark for more than 30 years. He’s disciplined, business minded and has a ferocious work ethic. These qualities will make him an outstanding member of Saanich Council."

 -Ian Ferguson, Author, “The Survival Guide to British Columbia.”


Mark has all the qualities to be a fantastic councillor. He relentlessly researches and makes decisions based on the facts. He is positive by nature— something we need in these dark times. Mark will bring a passion and vision for the future that Saanich needs.

-Bernard Von Schulmann, BC (and Saanich) commentator and historian


"A vote for Mark is a vote for forward-thinking, thoughtfulness, vision, compassion, and hard work."

-Leanne Allen, Producer, Small Army Productions


"I have worked with Mark for the past two and a half years in which time I have gotten to know him as a kind, upbeat, passionate person who cares very deeply for the environment and his community and I’m looking forward to voting for him."

-Katie Brown, Artist and Web Designer


“I confidently recommend Mark Leiren-Young as a Saanich council member. After dedicating years of his life to our environment and many endangered animals, Mark seeks to serve the people of the community. His humble demeanor is why I trust him to better the municipality of Saanich.”

-Jag GordayaM.Ed. Coaching Studies, University of Victoria (2016)


"Mark works tirelessly for his community and dedicates himself to serving others. I have great respect for his service to the environment and the arts. I've worked with him as an artist and teacher, and am confident that he will bring passion, intelligence, a strong moral compass, and a tremendous work ethic to Council."

-Amanda Lisman, Actor


"I am throwing my enthusiastic support behind Mark Leiren-Young for Saanich City Council. I have known Mark for 38 years, and during that time, I have witnessed his unwavering commitment to finding ways to bring community together. His capacity for listening and understanding points of view make him an ideal spokesperson for the District. Mark’s successful careers as writer and teacher are evidence of his capacity for empathy. This trait is all too often limited in political discourse and action. I know that Mark, as a member of our City Council will bring energy and receptiveness to our community."

-Clayton Jevne, Artistic Director/General Manager of Theatre Inconnu, Instructor at the University of Victoria, Proud Saanich resident

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